The story of baseball stars auctioning off items for their children to go to school

Johnny Bench – the baseball star honored in the Hall of Fame – cried at his friend Alan Horwitz’s act of solemnity and contempt.

Last month, on November 14, 2020, to be exact, Johnny Bench – the American baseball star honored in the Hall of Fame – just raised about $ 1 million by auctioning objects.

Having played 16 years for the Cincinnati Reds from 1967-1983, Bench revealed that he wanted to use the money to pay for the education costs of his two sons, now 11 and 14 years old.

The items on sale mean a few things that mean a lot to Bench, like the hat he wore at the last home-run, the last Reds jersey, the 1968 Best Rookie award and the Gold Glove award.

Johnny Bench is fortunate to have a friend as important and contemptuous as Alan Horwitz. When he learned this, Bench’s friend Alan Horwitz quietly bought all the items at auction at such a high price that collectors are willing to cede.

“There’s no way I would accept Johnny selling souvenirs to collectors,” explains Horwitz. “Look how hard he worked to get recognition after all these years. Only he deserves those things.”

Up to the present time, no one has been determined how much money Horwitz will have to spend to recover all of those items. Horwitz publicly announced the figure of more than 1 million dollars. However, the auction house revealed that the proceeds from the initial auction alone were close to $ 2 million.

Bench confessed he burst into tears when he heard the auction house representative talk about what had just happened: “I was stunned by Alan’s generous gesture. Alan’s only request was to see his children. This will happen as soon as we can travel safely”.

How to throw baseball? Basic techniques for baseball (Part 2)

2. How to throw baseball? 

If you are starting to learn baseball, check out the basics below:

Fast ball

This is the most common type of ball in baseball. The ball is thrown in a straight line (horizontal) and moves at a very fast speed. Based on the way of holding the ball, people quickly divide the ball into two types:

4 seam fastball: This way of holding the ball will help the ball go straight and get the fastest speed in the throwing styles. The ball is held by the middle finger close and parallel to the index finger, while the thumb is placed below the ball so that it is parallel to the space between the index and middle fingers, the ring and ring fingers are folded. Do not hold the ball tightly, with a gap between the ball and the palm of the hand.

2 seam fastball: The way of holding the ball is similar to holding 4 seam fastball, but the index finger and middle finger are placed parallel to each other along the space between the two seams, the thumb resting along the middle finger.

When pitching the ball, while turning to get momentum, there is no need to push the ball back too much so as not to slow down the ball or lose control of the ball.


Like fast ball, curved ball is a basic throw that players must grasp. The ball curled has a spin, the ball’s direction changes suddenly, causing the batter to judge incorrectly or miss the beat.

The way of holding a curved ball is somewhat similar to throwing 2 seam fastball, but the middle finger is placed on a seam, the index finger will be right next to the middle finger and the lower thumb on the remaining seam, facing inward.

Above are some shares about how to hit baseball. Hope article has brought useful information to help you learn how to play baseball effectively.

How to throw a baseball? Basic techniques for baseball (Part 1)

Baseball is considered to be a king sport in some countries such as the US, Canada, Japan, Taiwan. If you are looking to learn how to play baseball as well as some basic playing techniques, check out the article below.

1. The basics of baseball

Unlike other sports, baseball has no time limit like soccer. Two competing teams play for a set amount of time, divided into two halves. Professional baseball matches will consist of 2 teams of 9 each and each match lasts 9 innings.

According to the rules of baseball, the home team will be the defensive team and the away team will be the attacking team first. During the first half of each inning, the away team goes out, observing and trying to score points, the technical term known as Run, while the home team players have their respective defensive positions in the field. The attacking team’s goal is to score as many points as possible. After three attacks, teams transform – the attacking team moves to defend, and the defensive team moves to the attack position. The batting team sends one player at once to try and hit the ball.

The structure of the sport includes two players – the pitcher and the batter. All the action in a baseball game revolves around these two main warriors. The pitcher stood on a raised mound, called the pitcher’s mound, 18.4 meters away. The batter’s goal is to bring the ball into the court so that the eight batterers cannot catch the ball or throw it at another midfielder to score.

2. Some techniques for holding handball

In order to master how to pitch a baseball, players need to master a number of techniques of holding the ball. Includes the following basic techniques:

  • Seam Fastball: This pitcher helps the baseball to fly high and in a straight line. The baseball pitching technique flew quickly with variations in the direction of motion.
  • Spliter: With a good Spliter pitch, when the ball gets close to the Catcher’s position, the ball will suddenly change direction and fly down, making Catcher unable to react.
  • Cutter: This is a technique to throw high balloons and strong swirls, the attacking team is difficult to hit.
  • Slider: This technique of throwing the ball by holding the ball is not the most effective because it causes the ball to move with low force.
  • Change: Exactly as the name people call this pitch when the ball is flying at slow speed deceiving the feeling.
  • Curve: This pitch is a rather complicated baseball pitching technique that can only be performed correctly by an expert player. Batter is very difficult to hit the ball when throwing.