How to throw baseball? Basic techniques for baseball (Part 2)

2. How to throw baseball? 

If you are starting to learn baseball, check out the basics below:

Fast ball

This is the most common type of ball in baseball. The ball is thrown in a straight line (horizontal) and moves at a very fast speed. Based on the way of holding the ball, people quickly divide the ball into two types:

4 seam fastball: This way of holding the ball will help the ball go straight and get the fastest speed in the throwing styles. The ball is held by the middle finger close and parallel to the index finger, while the thumb is placed below the ball so that it is parallel to the space between the index and middle fingers, the ring and ring fingers are folded. Do not hold the ball tightly, with a gap between the ball and the palm of the hand.

2 seam fastball: The way of holding the ball is similar to holding 4 seam fastball, but the index finger and middle finger are placed parallel to each other along the space between the two seams, the thumb resting along the middle finger.

When pitching the ball, while turning to get momentum, there is no need to push the ball back too much so as not to slow down the ball or lose control of the ball.


Like fast ball, curved ball is a basic throw that players must grasp. The ball curled has a spin, the ball’s direction changes suddenly, causing the batter to judge incorrectly or miss the beat.

The way of holding a curved ball is somewhat similar to throwing 2 seam fastball, but the middle finger is placed on a seam, the index finger will be right next to the middle finger and the lower thumb on the remaining seam, facing inward.

Above are some shares about how to hit baseball. Hope article has brought useful information to help you learn how to play baseball effectively.